Smokin’ in the Square BBQ Cookoff 2010

March 5-6 was the Smokin’ in the Square BBQ Cookoff. It was a competition. I was totally confused about it all. As it turns out, we couldn't actually eat a meal from the competitors. You could buy a ticket and stand in each booth's (long) line to get a little cup of their BBQ. I personally didn't have the patience. And I was hungry. I did discover that that there was two vendors that actually sold meals. Next year they said they would have more places to actually buy a dinner. I stood in my line for an hour. At least. But, the wait was TOTALLY worth it. I got a rack of ribs that almost made me swoon thanks to Arlene William's Barbcue.

This sweet man made the ribs that made my day.

We met John Hart Ellis of BrewHart BBQ. He was a nice guy that loved to BBQ. Unfortunately I did not get to sample his. But, the God's were smiling on me, because I was able to get a bowl of his wonderful peach cobbler that was made completely in a huge cast iron pot over a fire/with ashes. I don't know how. It was cobbler magic. And I can, without hesitation, say it was GOOD!!

This is John
All the competitors had these elaborate RV set ups. Not John. He camped by his huge BBQ smoker and had this little campfire.

John's campsite

I loved his barrel fire...

John and his Captain, Jason Brewer

Part of an elaborate setup

"A little Butt Rub makes everything better"
A little Butt Rub makes everything better

It was a nice day in the park. A little cool, but in the sun it was wonderful. Will I go back next year. You betcha'.


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