A rainy night in New Orleans

We had a short, wet, spring break getaway to New Orleans. We headed out, knowing it was going to rain. I guess I just don't believe weather men. It POURED. The interstate was like a river. With semi's barreling through the surf. I'm not an especially calm traveler. More so in inclement weather. So by the time we floated into Slidell, I was ready to throw out my anchor. And we did. At the Hampton Inn. In retrospect, I wish we had gone on in and stayed the night in New Orleans, but that is water under the bridge. So to speak.

We got a room and I took a power stress nap. I get stressed...I sleep. My coping mechanism. When I woke up we went on into New Orleans and headed to my favorite place...Coops! Had a Mint Julep and Shrimp & Crawfish Étouffée. After the nap and the Mint Julep, my nerves settled down nicely. We had dessert and coffee at Café du Monde.

The rain all of a sudden became my friend. It settled all the crazy. And left soft sounds and wet streets. Lovely. Just lovely.


McGuire's St. Patrick's Day 5K Run

Debauchery. For 9am, there was a lot of it going on. Laughter. Dancing. Drinking. And, of course, running. This was my first time to go to the run. No...I did not run. I quietly photographed all the festivities about me. A sea of green. A sea of green tutus. I have never...never...seen so many tutus in one place. And all green. Green hats, shirts, shoes, pants, skin.

A huge turnout. Over 13,000 runners, and 50 states represented. Mind boggling for our little Pensacola.

It started with the McGuire's Pipe Band



I love Pensacola. And I love photography. Happily, they are a match made in heaven. Here are a few photos I found that I haven't posted yet. This is as good a time as any.

"Lingering in the golden gleam- Life, what is it but a dream?"
"Lingering in the golden gleam- Life, what is it but a dream?"
¸.•*´¨`♥ Lewis Carroll, Through The Looking Glass

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