Beach Hat Bonanza

The beach was hoppin' for a Monday morning. Where do all the people come from? Doesn't anyone work? Are they all vacationers? Questions. I have questions.

However, the crowd did produce an abundance of beach hats.





A hat for everyone

My favorite...elegant

My beach combing produced this shark. A hammerhead? Again with the questions.



I did put him back in the ocean. I'm big on returning creatures to the sea. In the process I broke a nail. It was crazy for a fleeting moment. And it involved a rotting 2 x 4. Sheer maddness.

They couldn't stop crying

The lineup

Where's Waldo?


Sunrise at Vilano Beach and the Fish Market

Got up early for to get to Vilano Beach for sunrise. It is something I wish we would do every day. Each sunrise is different. Amazing.


Wispy clouds

Sun on the horizon

Pastel orange

Orange sky

Water on fire

Suspended in mid splash


Sea Spray




Deep Sea Fishing

The Boat

The fish market

The catch

Full cases

St. John's River Lighthouse 1859


Ocean Treasures

A blustery (in Winnie-the-Poo's words), warm, sunny day at the beach. I even had to wade in to get a treasure. Take a look!

I waded in the ocean to get this

Someone lives in there!

I put him back where I found him. I think he smiled.

Smooth blue

Large tide pool (those are waves in the distance)

Smooth rolls

All alone

Moving on

Look at the tide pool on the left

Tide pool reflections


Spring...and the Farmer's Market

I love going to the Farmer's Market. I think I've said it before...the feast for the eyes, the smells and the fresh produce. This time, besides bringing home a couple bags of veggies and a flat of strawberries, I got a pretty little pink daisy.

My daisy

Florida Grapefruit

Yes, I came home with tomatoes


Sea World and Orlando

We took a trip to Orlando to visit my daughter and son-in-law. What a great trip. But as always...not long enough.

We went out to eat one night and this was the building next to our restaurant. We didn't go in, but I did snap a few pictures. And, I apologize for the blurriness in some of them, especially the whale photos. I'm still learning my camera and I left my manual at home. While in Orlando, I couldn't get it to auto focus. *sigh*


Just freaky

The highlight of the vacation for my son-in-law was renting a convertible. Needless to say, this was my view for much of our travels in Orlando.

The convertible

One day we visited Sea World. Not quite as I remembered it from about 15 years ago. It is much more commercialized. Sadly. And, it is kid central. If you have a kid, that is the place to go. But, we enjoyed it in spite of Sea World's efforts to make it all that it shouldn't be.

The landscaping, of course, was beautiful. The flowers were in full bloom.

Fairy gowns

A riot of hot pink

Please forgive me for all the whale photos I'm about to post. (And I had a hard time getting it down to this amount.) If you don't love whales, or if you fear whales, you may want to skip ahead.

Look at his little face!

They were affectionate

This was the last thing the people in the front rows saw before getting drenched!

The wind-up

The splash

To our left

To every action...

...there is always opposed an equal reaction

Riding high

In flight

Grace and beauty

The dance

Taking their bow

Anheuser Busch now has their fingers in Sea World as evident by the Clydesdales.

A sea horse?

Do you see the real sea horse?

Big 'ole manatees

Happy dolphins

Da-dum ... Da-dum, da-dum da-dum da-dum!

The end.

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