Vilano Beach in January

Vilano Beach is outside of St. Augustine. It is a rough one. Or maybe it was just today, being windy and cold. Sunny, but cold. The Atlantic was like a huge washtub with the water overflowing.

These were not ordinary waves

Then there were the seagulls. Everywhere.

Up in flight

Wait...they are flying to me

Up close

Flying away


...and away...

...to the flock.

And the ocean

Leaving the beach we saw this funky little typical Florida motel. It was across from an enormous state-ot-the-art Hampton Inn. Almost a palace. What a contrast.

What a sign!

In all it's funky beauty

The rooms

A taste of Florida


Beach Cactus

After a short trip to town, we ventured out to just look at the ocean. It was a cold one. Windy and gray. But, no rain this trip.

What stopped me dead in my tracks was this cactus with beautiful purple...ummm...flowers? Seed pods? I really don't know. All I know is that this little cactus caught my attention and made me get out of the car to get a closer look and a couple of pictures.

And, as long as I was out of the car and cold, I figured I might as well take a few more pictures. I LOVE taking pictures!!!

Purple knobs

Fenced in

Against the sky

Protecting the dunes

Winter seaoats


River Lights

Every night when I leave work, this is the view I am lucky enough to enjoy. I park my little Beetle so she gets a first hand look all day long. This scene always makes me stop and look for a minute.

This is really one of those pictures you have to click on to appreciate the full panoramic effect.

Night Lights


Rainy Day at the Beach

We went on a ride out to the beach since we ate breakfast at the Beach Hut Cafe. Today was one of those rainy days. Kinda cool and gray. The beach was serene and wet. Really wet. And gray. I'm still trying to warm up.

Wet boardwalk

Snow fencing?

Winter Waves

Swelling waves

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