Another easy Saturday...

Woke up too late for yard sales this morning. So went for coffee and then off to the Palafox Market for a cool morning stroll. Mostly I just wanted to take some pictures.

Got home. Downloaded the pictures to my computer. Edited them in Lightroom. Then did some fancy folder moving in Lightroom. Lost the folder. Completely. So I started the process all over again. Download...edit...etc. This time I paid better attention and didn't lose one! I LOVE Lightroom, but sometimes it can be very confusing. The thing that I love most about it is also the thing I hate most when I mess up.

Live by the sword. Die by the sword.



The Farmers Market...and another pelican

Went to the Farmers Market this morning. Unusually warm I think...but nice. The market is growing and growing. Love it. Then ran a few errands and I remembered a "Pelican in Paradise" that I have been meaning to photograph. It was on my way, so I stopped there, also.

But, we'll start with our tree. I'm in love with it this year. We finally got a new one. Our last one was over 10 years old! This one is 9' tall, and a little more narrow than our old one. Fuller. This picture was actually the first shot with my new lens I bought. I was testing it last night.

1212_50 1

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