East Hill {Part 5 of 5}

yard art

Keeping watch
over her garden

So green...
so inviting.

One of many
live oaks

growing on the live oak

Live Oak


barefootnikki Friday, March 19, 2010  

Loved them all. I love East Hill, it's such a fun place and so much to see!

BaysideLife Friday, March 19, 2010  

Great photos of a charming neighborhood. Your white flowers at the base of the tree in you yard will produce blackberries (or dewberries) in a few weeks. They're my fruit of choice for cereal when they ripen.

Paula Friday, March 19, 2010  

Well, I enjoyed our little walk and I love East Hill. I drove through there the week before last looking at the gardens, they're always an inspiration. Where is Kitty? I have to see those bottle trees. Also, I have to wonder if that trillium is the same thing as spiderwort? That's what it looks like to me. I used to have some white spiderwort that I found growing in a ditch and wish I still had it. Someone once told me they propagate by having ants carry off their seeds but I don't know if that is true.

Sharon Friday, March 19, 2010  

@Paula, I think the bottle trees were on East Jordan between 12th and 17th. I think that was a trillium. It looks like what we had in Illinois. And it could very well be a spiderwort...I'm not familiar with that name. This little batch was growing wild in a vacant lot.

Sharon Friday, March 19, 2010  

@CT...I'm so excited about my blackberries!!! I will be picking when they get ripe.

BaysideLife Saturday, March 20, 2010  

Okay, can I join the debate. I think Paula is right, it is a spiderwort and they grow wild especially in disturbed areas. But Sharon you're right also, they are a member of the three petal family of trilliums. As to the ants...don't know but I like the visual.

Paula Saturday, March 20, 2010  


J.S.W. Sunday, March 21, 2010  

Excellent series. You have a great eye for what needs to be captured.

smilla4blogs Monday, March 22, 2010  

I love your East Hill series! The images are so inspiring...you have a wonderful eye for detail! Thank you for such a lovely post.

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