We aren't in Bermuda anymore, Toto.

If you haven't noticed, I am back home, so the beautiful Bermuda photos have come to a screeching halt. *sigh* Oh well. I had a week back at work, then this weekend to finally get some relaxing in! Today we set the alarm to get up to meet the sun. But, it started out rather overcast. Sunrise was less than stellar.

But, while watching for it to peek out from behind the clouds, all of a sudden hundreds of boats came racing out of the little pass into the Atlantic. There was a Kingfish Challenge and these fishermen meant business. That was much excitement for a few fleeting moments in an otherwise quiet morning at the beach.

The sun finally peeked out from behind a cloud bank

Sun on cloud
Sun on cloud

Great waves
Great waves

Sandy stairs
Sandy stairs

Lifeguard stand
Lifeguard stand

Beachcomber with equipment

Wave watcher

Beach hat
Only beach hat of the morning

Kingfish Competition
The race is on

Blackbirds on log
Blackbirds on a log

Yellow flower
The flowers


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