Bermuda: Day 6

Today, we were queens of the island. Well, not exactly, but we sure felt like it! It began with a trip into Hamilton. Nikki asked me if I wanted to get off the bus early and go see Johnny Barnes, the 85 year old goodwill ambassador of Bermuda. Of course I did!!

As we approached him at the round-a-bout we saw him waving, throwing kisses and saying "I love you" to the cars and scooters that passed by. He gets up each weekday morning to spread his love. As we got closer, we noticed he was gathering his bag of supplies and getting ready to leave, but he graciously agreed to a few photos, even suggesting taking them by his statue. Yes, he has a beautiful bronze statue honoring him. So, we made our way to the statue, and got a few photos. And we chatted. Then we started to part ways, telling him we were heading into town to run a few errands. He asked us if we would like to ride in his car with him to town. We happily accepted. We walked to his car and enjoyed a leisurely ride into Hamilton.

Johnny Barnes 4
Johnny Barnes

Johnny Barnes 2
A rare shot of him not smiling

Johnny Barnes 3
Johnny and his statue

Kind eyes

Ten & two


To a gate

Bus stop

Flowers in the doorway

Hot pink


hillgrandmom Thursday, July 03, 2008  

Oh, I have both those pink flowers-around here--rather, I have the flowers shown in the doorway and there are plenty of the other pink flowers-antigone-around the hill, some growing wild now and originally planted by my mother-in-law.

annie Thursday, July 03, 2008  

@Hillgrandmom, they are so pretty! Very dainty.

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