Frog update

I was finally able to capture a better image of my little watering can frog!

He and I had a horrible experience the other day. I noticed that my daisy needed watering, so I thought I could use this watering can to do it...thinking the frog would stick in the can. As I was watering the daisy, plop, out he came with the water and jumped from the daisy into the yard. I was able to catch him and get him back to the porch. But, before I could get him in the can, he escaped. (He is surprisingly slippery.) He quickly jumped again, and I didn't see where he went. I was upset.

The next day I went out, and there was his little face smiling at me from the watering can nozzle. All is well in my little back porch froggy world.

Outcome? I am now using an inferior, smaller, plastic (did I say smaller?) watering can.

Look at that face!
Peeking out


hillgrandmom Saturday, July 26, 2008  

For the sake of Mr. Frog, that too such a handsome fella, the use of a smaller can seems worthwhile.

annie Saturday, July 26, 2008  

@hillgrandmom, My thoughts exactly!!!

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