Bonsai's & Blue Ball Jars {Part 2 of 3}

I had a birthday. And this is the beautiful (and I DO mean beautiful) birthday cake that my husband got for me from my most favorite bakery in the world...Jay's in P'Cola. But, I have a dilemma. It has to do with choices. And I totally suck at choices. This choice involves my present. Here are my choices:

1. A trip with hubby to South Dakota. (I know it sounds hokey...but South Dakota has a special place in my heart.) He has never been there and I could show him all the places I've only talked to him about over the years.

2. A trip to Bermuda to visit my daughter. This is a two-fer. I would get to visit my daughter (and do we ever have fun) and Bermuda is enchanting. Drawback is hubby would not go. Plus to this is I LOVE Bermuda, and the opportunity is now while my daughter is over there. And I think this may be her last year there. So after that I'll probably never go back.

3. I get a SCOOTER!!! OMG! Plus to this is...it is a scooter! I have wanted one since my first trip to Bermuda. A scooter will last much longer than a week or two. And it would continue to make memories.

Problems? I have a few. Bad problems? I think not. Like I said . I'm horrible at choices. So...HELP!!!!

"I've never worried about getting older...I've been too busy worrying about getting caught."
¸.•*´¨`♥ StoryPeople

This is a bowl of seaglass in a wooden bowl I have in our livingroom window. On the seaglass is a little coin that says "celebrate each day". The coin was a gift from my daughter. And the seaglass probably was too. She brings me seaglass each time she visits. And when I go, I collect it. So it may be a mix of both.

"I celebrate myself, and sing myself."
¸.•*´¨`♥ Walt Whitman

In that same window, next to the bowl of seaglass, is a little bonsai. I got it on a shopping trip with my daughter. It was on clearance at Lowe's. And it looked like it may not make it. But, I adored it's shape and took a chance. I gave it some attention, love, water and sunlight. And it is growing and bringing me such joy!

"...the ultimate challenge for the bonsai designer is to expose the essence of the tree."
¸.•*´¨`♥ Herb L. Gustafson

In another window in our living room sits these three blue ball canning jars with zinc lids. I LOVE blue ball glass jars. All sizes. All shapes.

"Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the Deity to be a source of delight"
¸.•*´¨`♥ John Ruskin

Usually laying in front of the glass jars, under the window on his bed is Petey. He is our little dog. But that hardly says what he is exactly. He is my clown. My bride. (Long story.) Our little companion when days are long and we need a little friendly face.

"taunting the neighbor's dog with meat-flavored tofu because he can't get anyone else to eat it."
¸.•*´¨`♥ StoryPeople

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hillgrandmom Monday, February 15, 2010  

ooh, isn't Petey cuuuute!

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