Ode to the Scooter {Part 1 of 4}

If anyone has been keeping up (refer to #4), you already know of my scooter love. Well, my dear sweet D has been paying attention. He found, God know's how, this White Sand Mayhem Scooter Rally that we went to on Friday night.

(Before I go any further, if you stick it out to Part 4, there is an old car. Not a huge bonus, but something to look forward to.)

First we had to find the Elbow Room. Hmmm. Elbow Room. So off we set with iPhones in hand. Getting closer to what we felt was the spot, but we didn't know which side of the street. Being a four lane road, we had to make a call. About that time a sweet little green scooter buzzed by us on the left. Using our keen senses, we got in that scooter's lane and followed it to the Elbow Room.

Follow that...

scooter2 by you.


Do I have a scooter. No. Did you have to have a scooter to attend? Apparently not. Although I think we were the only present without said scooter. But, they didn't judge us. No. Far from it. They were happy to talk to us about riding and their scooters. I even got to 'try on' a couple of Buddy's!

Lovely Buddy
Fit nicely...

scooter19 by you.

Tiger Seat
...this one fit too.

scooter1 by you.

Another Buddy
didn't try this one

scooter4 by you.

{Continue to part 2...}


Guzma Sunday, September 27, 2009  

Nice scooters...

Glen Goffin Friday, October 02, 2009  

hmmm ... I think you've given me the scooter bug. Those look like a ton of fun! Problem around here is the narrow roads and crazy drivers. Maybe I'll risk it anyway :) Peace

Keri Ann Saturday, October 10, 2009  

The scooters are fun! I particularly love the animal print seat. Well Sharon, I get a lot of people who come to look at my site through Blog U referal... and I absolutely love it!! I have learned SO MUCH about blogging from you. But I have always wondered how people were getting to me from that site???? but now I know! :) thanks for following me. I love my followers.

Again, Thank you for all the tips and your wonderful blogs!

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