What my Friday Morning was like

This morning was all about relaxing. First I did a little yoga from a cute book I recently bought... A Morning Cup of Yoga. It was a great morning stretch. Then I enjoyed my morning Frappé. I was introduced to the wonderfully refreshing drink by my daughter who was working at a Greek restaurant at the time. (Agean Breeze. Owned by Stavros...a loveable chef.) About the time I was finishing up my icy drink, D woke up. He had a rough night. It stormed and apparently raised cain and Petey (our dog) gets very nervous during storms. D took pity on him (and me) and sat with him in the living room so I could sleep. Which I did...like a rock. Anyway, when he got up he said I should just go to the beach by myself today. He didn't feel like it. So, I did.

The beach was wild today. The ocean was churning from the storm that passed through. Huge waves. Water going in, out and sideways at the same time. Wild.

These are happy toes!

Look how wild the ocean is.

Even the sky had a wildness.

Here is a video with sounds of the ocean. I'm trying to get this to load in my sidebar. Right now it is there, but it has a drawing of a camera until you click to play it. I hope that is an over site on YouTube's part, and they will correct it as soon as they realize the error :-) Look how deserted it was today! The waves were crashing, and the waves were going in, out and sideways. Bizarre.

After I came home and showered, we went to Olive Garden for lunch. I LOVE their Pasta e Fagioli. Of course, I ate too much. Which, coupled with a couple hours of walking the beach earlier, I got very sleepy. When we got home I napped. Love the afternoon naps!


bermuda.bride Saturday, September 22, 2007  

Quite a nice and wild day! I love when the ocean is blowing every which way.
And, i clicked on Aegean Breeze... sigh... i miss that. Great food too! Odd that i had a dream last night that i went back to work there, huh? And then i read your blog today. Weird!

hillgrandmom Saturday, October 06, 2007  

have you been doing yoga long? the 'morning cup of yoga' sounds good!

annie Sunday, October 07, 2007  

@hillgrandmom, I have been doing yoga it seems for a long time. Probably the better question here might me "Do you do yoga regularly?" The answer to that is I would love to be more regular in my yoga, but it is very hit and miss. Another question might be "Are you good at yoga?" The answer to that is I love doing it, and I feel wonderful afterwards, but I'm not graceful by any stretch of the imagination, so I feel very clownish while doing it.

That little book is probably the one thing that I've found so far that will encourage me do yoga at home. No mats. No floor time. No special equipment. No special clothing. I wear my pajamas and do it in the kitchen. And it has a little CD to listen to while doing it, but I haven't listened to it yet because when I'm doing it my husband is still asleep, and I'm afraid that would wake him up. But, I LOVE that book!!

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