A Wednesday at the Beach

No, I'm not playing hooky. All my friends and family know that I never play hooky. No, really! This was my first week of starting my new 12 hour shifts. Translated...I'm off 4 days a week. Yeah. That's right. Four fun filled days in sunny Florida! So, we took the show to the beach. (Bet you couldn't figure that out.) Sooooo laid back. Not so many people. And the beach was lovely as usual.

The people may have been sparse, but the machinery abounded. Shrimp boats and planes...oh my. So I took pictures.

And today was the best shelling day. The beach was overflowing with wonderful finds. Drew kept asking me...are you taking all those home? hmmm. yup.

Is that a shrimp boat?

Why, yes, it is!

Awww...there it goes.

Yes! It is a starfish!!

The beach

It' a bird...?

It's a plane...

It's Superman. No. It's a plane.

View from the umbrella...


hillgrandmom Thursday, September 13, 2007  

Ooh lovely! I can smell the sea and feel the spray.I guess 12 hr. shifts are worth it when you get 4 days off per week:)

annie Thursday, September 13, 2007  

@hillgrandmom, funny you should mention that. As I was taking the pictures, I thought 'I wish I could capture the smell of the salt air breeze!'

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