Sunday beach observations

Since I have been working all week, our days at the beach during the week has been severely restricted. We have joined the forces of the weekend beach-goers. To offset the problems, we decided to leave early and beat the rush. The plan is the best we could come up with. Off we went, early by our standards (9am) with Beach Bucky in hand. First stop on almost all of our beach trips is this wonderful little Publix out in the middle of, seemingly, no where. A jewel to say the least. We always pick up some sort of sub sandwich and a bag of chips or a tray of fruit.

Our first beach stop

The dogs on the beach fascinate me. Some look miserable, but others seem to be made for the beach life. This old fellow falls into the latter category.

Just enjoying the cool water

Sometimes the ocean takes all the credit for a great beach experience. I find looking the other way offers magnificent sights also.

The other half of the experience

Other times I like to get real close to things. It is not so much about the big picture as the littlest details.

Beach flower

The shell

Of course there is always the people. And I love the hats. Drew pointed this awesome beach hat out to me when I came back from my (ahem...lenghty) walk.

Beach hat

Guess we got home just in time. It is lightening and thundering and it is deafening. The rain is pouring down!


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