Decisions, decisions...

We are in the middle of life changing decisions, so, well, we did a lot of deciding. But, in this process of making these life forming decisions (did I mention that these decisions are going to change our lives?) we went out the the Jacksonville Farmer's Market. As usual, it was charming. Charming to me. Stinky and repulsive to Drew...and yet he is strangely drawn to it. I think he went along just to make sure they have enough watermelon to take care of his habit. He sat in the car and read while I wandered about. And he worried about the amount of watermelons available to us. (Did he not see the 5 trucks out front with their back gates open, filled to the brim with big juicy red watermelons?) I did make a watermelon purchase (2 to be exact), along with some butternut squash, 2 cantaloupes, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, summer squash and corn on the cob. I only took a picture of the radishes. I'm not fond of them, but I really think they are pretty!

Red radishes

After the market, we wandered. No we were not lost. Merely changing directions often with maneuvers that resembled illegal U-Turns. I may be mistaken, but I think he was actively seeking out a Walmart!! His arch nemesis! As it turned out he was looking for the Walmart so he could go to the jewelery counter to get batteries in his watches. I don't know if that officially counts as looking for a Walmart, but I'm going to mark it in my book. Alas, Wally world let him down. The lady did not have the proper tools. How strange.

After we left there, we were getting hungry, so we headed down Atlantic Blvd towards the beach. We ate at a little place called the Third Street Diner. It was good, but baffling. It was Greek, but appeared to be a diner from the 50's. Of course, after we ate, and discussed decisions at great length, we headed to the beach. Not an official trip, just a little drive by. But, I talked him into stopping for a minute. It was an overcast day, but very pleasant.

These are not snow fences, my friend.

Sea oats

A boardwalk

After enjoying the beach once again, we headed home. Where I took a 3 hour stress nap due to all the decisions and talk of decisions. When I stess, I nap. Don't judge me. It is my coping mechanism. I woke up in time to get ready to go out to the World Golf Village to watch "Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix" at the IMAX Theater.. It was a visual, auditory experience! Wonderful.

Afterwards we dined at Murray Bros. Caddyshack. Little disappointed that Bill wasn't there to welcome me to his restaurant, but, we all have lives. Perhaps next time.

You may be wondering if we were able to decide on a decision. Well, I can tell you without hesitation...I think so.


Anonymous Wednesday, July 25, 2007  

You are good! Man, i loooove Florida and you are doing a GREAT job of making me feel like i'm right there.
Love you!

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