Do you see the music?

Today was an early beach day. The earliest we have ever been. Lovely day for it too. The water was calm and pretty. The people were not as many, nor as frenzied. Guess you could say they were calm and pretty too.

This morning we stopped on a bridge over an inner-coastal and I took a couple of shots. This happens to be one of Drew's favorite views. He especially likes the house you see to the left. His dream is to live on an inner-coastal sound. I'm sure a dock will be involved.

The serenity of the inner-coastal waters

The walk from the car to the ocean is always an event.

Tall rugged palms

Blue umbrellas in waiting

Wispy seagrass

It was hard to decide which of these to post. So, what the hey. I'll post all three!

Early morning beauty

Soft waters

Sand and foam

If you are wondering about the title of this post, wonder no more. There is a certain worn shell, conch actually, that makes me think of music when I see it. It started when we vacationed in Playa del Carmen last year. I found beautiful conchs in various stages of disrepair. None were whole. There is something musical about the inner swirls exposed when the shells are broken and tumbled in the ocean floor. But, these conchs all sang to me. So, look very closely at the picture below. Do you see the music?

Singing to me

If not, look a little closer to see the music. I'm sure you can hear the music, too.

Music of the ocean

I display my conchs in a basket with the pointed ends down. It is a gallery of swirls, smooth edges, and soft pastel colors. Music.


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