Saturday Morning Farmer's Market

This morning we had planned on going to the Jacksonville Farmer's Market. It was on the north side of town, and we finally found it. There is not much I enjoy more than a morning at a farmer's market. The colors, smells, people...it is like a flea market for veggies. I was excited!

Making a sell

You can almost smell the peaches!

Lined up and ready to go

Juicy and red

and more juicy and red

There would be more pictures...or perhaps different ones. But, my batteries died in my camera! So, next time...next time. After the batteries died, I got down to the business of shopping.

Our purchases:
  1. tomatoes
  2. cantaloupes
  3. purple hull peas
  4. corn on the cob
  5. watermelons (yes, plural)
  6. eggplants
  7. basil plant
  8. cilantro plant
  9. pineapple
  10. bananas
  11. 1/2 flat of strawberries
  12. portabella mushroom caps
Yum, yum...yum!!!


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