The Keys

We actually took a vacation this year. A bonfied vacation. Not two weeks off so we can move, or maybe we will next year. This year was a vacation. And to a destination we had always wanted to go to. The Florida Keys!!!

We traveled all day. And by all day, I mean until I thought I was part of the car. As you can gather, we drove. We had a plan. Drive to Key Largo, stay the night, then take that wonderful drive into Key West. So that is why we did not fly. If the trip ever repeats it's self, we will fly. And I do hope to go back there someday now that I know more of the lay of the land.

These images were from when we arrived in Key Largo dead tired and hungry. We went to the Fish House because it was open. And we didn't feel like driving anywhere looking for something else. Lucky for us, it was a great decision.

Lights outside the Fish House

We meet a mother and her son that were there on a diving trip. They were from Fort Pierce I believe. The son was going to school at UWF in Pensacola! Small world. They recommended what was good to eat, and they were right. We had conch for the first time and loved it!

The Mother & Son

More or less a bottle of Corona

And that wraps up the photos from the first night. Soon after we were fast asleep in a nice comfy bed.


hillgrandmom Thursday, September 30, 2010  

I was looking at Google maps to get an idea of your drive. Really a long distance!

Sharon Thursday, September 30, 2010  

It was long, Susan. It took allllllllll day.

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