Monet Monet

My last post was about our Seaside trip. This is a little part of that trip that deserved it's own place in the sun. Monet Monet, a spectacular re-creation of Claude Monet’s home and garden in Giverny, France.

We last saw it about 10 years ago...almost to the day. We happened upon it on a trip to Seaside. They were having a festive holiday party which we were lucky enough to stumble upon. The gardens were breathtaking. The lights. The fountains. The gardens. The chocolate desert that haunts me to this day.

D went back at a later time and bought me a beautiful hand made plate. This is not just any plate. It has dogwood blooms artfully painted on a rough, yet gentle, pottery. It is a soft forest green and the flowers are an aged white with a muted yellow center. The edges of the plate are anything but straight...they curve and swirl with the potters imagination. I adore this plate. It is now hanging over my kitchen window.

So, we were delighted to find Monet Monet again. But, alas, it has changed hands. It is now a jewelery store. A very artsy one. But no festive party. No chocolate desert. No glittery lights. But, while walking in the gardens, which the owner so graciously let us do, I could see the magic that I felt that night so many years ago.

Monet Monet

Fountain girl
still beautiful

She stands by the tree
waiting for the party

Gate to the house
old and rusty

A pic for Nikki
She wanted a shot...but it was getting really dark


hillgrandmom Sunday, December 13, 2009  

Sharon, the link to the continuation didn't seem to be working. What an interesting idea, to copy Monet's house!

annie Sunday, December 13, 2009  

Hi hillgrandmom! Thanks for telling me. I only had 5 images for this post, but I forgot to take out the little continuation code that I have in my format.

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