The Saturday morning farmers market

I love me a Farmers Market! It is festive, homey, personal, fun, bohemian and relaxing. So, off we went once again!

Free Coffee
Free Coffee

Red hair..black hat
Do you think that she is related to...

Red & Red
...this boy and his mother?

Piles of pillows
Oh, there were pretty soft pillows on...

Pillows on a ladder
...old ladders and tied in pink ribbons!

Birdhouse flipflops
Flipflop birdhouses

young fiddler
A young fiddler

The beat of the drum
The beat of the drum

Wooden instrument
Other musical implements

Purple orchids
Flowers...of course

Baskets waiting to be filled...

a few peaches
...and baskets with a few peaches.

Kids Paint
My friend, Rama's booth

Jars of color
Tools of her trade

Blue Swirls
Blue Swirls

Friends at the market

sparkly hat ladies
Happy sparkly hats

going away
The End


hillgrandmom Tuesday, September 16, 2008  

Here in our country we never see hair like that unless it's coloured. I have only seen hair colour like that when I have been abroad and to me the reddish shades seem so improbable a colour to have been born with! But the little girl looks pretty. The boy must be having to face quite a bit of teasing. Well anyway, beautiful photographs.

Jennifer Tuesday, September 16, 2008  

I love Farmer's Markets also!

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