Reflections in Jacksonville

I have made a discovery. Jacksonville is the city of reflections. And this post will prove my point. But, this post is gonna be a long one...so grab a cup of coffee and get enjoy!

The images on this post was taken on a photowalk I took with a Jacksonville Flickr group. We met at the tram and wiggled around the downtown area. Here are the images...mostly in order.

flag reflections
The American Flag reflection

blue spikes
Blue flowers

brick base
Warm & Sunny

Fence pic for Nikki

seagull against blue
City Gull

blue bridge
Main Street Bridge

walking the bridge
Walking the bridge

going under
Down under

standing tall
The Mast

bike on board
Boat cruiser

parting the water
Parting the river

The Fishnet



light & shutters
Sparkly light & wooden shutters

green curve
Green curve

St. James
St. James

Fountain at Hemming Plaza

church window
Church window

chruch doors
Church doors

church shutters
Church attic

starry starry orange
Orange star

Hang over
Surreal mural

yellow brick wall
The yellow brick wall

things that are red
Things that are red

red tubes
More red things

Hang on...here come the reflections. These are all buildings in Jacksonville. The most reflective city in the world! Some may say I took it too far. Some may say done so soon? For the latter, look at all the reflections!!

sky squares
sky squares

wisps of clouds
wisps of clouds

is it real?
Bold & Blue

swirls in windows

puffy clouds
Puffy Clouds

clouds in windows
all the angles

stepped building
more angles

blue and blue
blue stripes

reflecting it's self
self reflection

Not all buildings were all glass and sparkly. There were some that were down right grungy.

Urban Acid
Urban Acid

all orange
They tried to distract me with balloons...but I saw the grunge

And, finally, I took advantage of all the window reflections for little self portraits with my new Tracy Joy bag! BTW, if anyone sees this and buys a bag from her, mention me...I'll get some bonus points. Or brownie points.

Self portrait in window
Self Portrait

Tracy Joy bag reflection
Reflection on the dock

Tracy Joy bag in park
Bag on the bench

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