Blue Crab Festival

This weekend was the Blue Crab Festival at Palatka, Florida. I have a feeling that most of the year this is a sleepy little town. But, not so for the Blue Crab Festival!

They said it all

There were beautiful old buildings.

City Hall



Whimsy flower boxes

Great river views

Band on the river

Cooling in the river

Festival dancers

All kinds of hand crafts

Then there was my favorite part of any festival...the people.

The Angel of Truth

Contrast: Segway & overalls

This gentleman captured our hearts

I'm sorry for stalking you

Capt'n Jack Sparrow??!!!

Even pooches came to the festival

And, if you've made it this far, I have a little game for you. What does this tattoo say?

The mystery tattoo


barefootnikki Monday, May 26, 2008  

I love these pics. That old man is pretty cool looking and i like the band.
The tattoo... i tried and tried. No idea.

annie Monday, May 26, 2008  

The band was cool...just crusty and mostly stoned I believe.

The old man was awesome. I thought I lost him once, but when I found him again...it was on.

I loved Capt'n Jack. He had the mannerisms down.

We couldn't figure out the tattoo either. We thought ?ONESTD. But that made no sense. And we couldn't get the first letter.

Anonymous Tuesday, May 27, 2008  

The tattoo says "honesty". ;-)

annie Tuesday, May 27, 2008  

WOW...why didn't I see that? Thanks!!!

Lara Friday, May 30, 2008  

Honesty...thought it took me a minute. Love all your sites. Just getting started with some of my own and BlogU has been very helpful. Thanks!!

Have a wonderful day!


dcloud Monday, June 02, 2008  

That tattoo says "HONESTY". That Segway pic reminded me of one I did as kind of a gag. I called it "Sailway". You can see it in the Works section of my web site.

hillgrandmom Tuesday, June 10, 2008  

Figured out the tattoo says 'honesty'.

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