Our Sunday Thing

We went to a new beach today. A more secluded, natural one. I absolutely loved it. And so did Drew. Not as much people watching, but more relaxing.

The sign

The parking was across the highway, but since traffic is light on that stretch, no problem. There was a nice little boardwalk leading to the beach.

Start here and hang a left...

Follow the gentle curve...

To reveal this!

This day belonged to the waves. Everything else took a back seat. I did the journalist thing and got right in the midst of it to get the best shot. A little tricky since my camera is not waterproof. So, here they are!

Flight over ocean

The curl

Rolling over




The roll

Spilling over


Our pipeline

The dunes here were huge and full of vegetation. Succulents...according to a discussion of tourists I passed. I won't say yes and I won't say no. Just vegetation in my book.


A Monet?

Here was the view from our umbrella.

Umbrella living

Here are a couple of beach hats to add to my study.

Friends with similar tastes

Big white hat

A local resident

That was our Sunday Thing. I like it that our Sunday Thing is so much fun!


hillgrandmom Saturday, August 18, 2007  

beautiful pictures. maybe one day we'll be able to visit there:)

annie Wednesday, August 29, 2007  

Hillgrandmom, If you do get to come and visit, you will have a place to stay while you're here with us!

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