Happy Father's Day!!

In celebration of Father's Day, we went to the beach. Mickler's Landing. (who am I kidding...we take any excuse to go to the beach). The day was perfect beach weather. We got an early start and staked out our beach property. Our beach property always turns out to be close to the boardwalk. We figure why carry all the paraphernalia a mile down the beach. It is still the same ocean. And, we get the added bonus of being in direct contact with all the comings and goings to the beach. Makes for great people watching. So, we set up our beach chairs and umbrellas.

There was a breeze off the ocean and the waves were giving surfers great rides. One of the things I love is the smell of the salty sea air. That is worth a trip to the beach right there. I am a beach comber by nature. It is what I do. I may splash in the water, dragging my toes to cool them off. Occasionally I've been known to dive in (without holding my nose!) for a shell spotted off shore. But, right now I have lots of beach combing to get out of my system. So, off I went. This is the view I had!


Contrasts of colors

The shells are plentiful in areas, mostly small that I've seen so far. But, I did come across a couple of keepers.

Shells, shells & more shells

A saw a fisherman pull in this shark.

Hammerhead (right) Fisherman (left)

I loved their beach hats and the hands on the hips!

Serious discussion

The beach became extremely colorful as the day went on...from umbrellas to sailboats.

Colorful umbrellas popped up like mushrooms

A rainbow in the ocean

We rested under our little umbrellas. Read, laughed, talked about everything and nothing, ate our delicious chicken salad sandwich, chips and fruit. Drank water until Beach Bucky went dry. Then we decided we were ready to go home. And home we went...tired and happy.


barefootnikki Monday, June 18, 2007  

Beach Bucky!!! <3
Love the new blog... looks great!

burekaboy Tuesday, June 19, 2007  

beautiful pictures and colours.

wow, sharks.

what's a beach bucky though? LOL, i gather it's a bucket to cool the drinks?

annie Wednesday, June 20, 2007  


The Birth of Beach Bucky

Beach Bucky is an enormous drink container. Think of the regular plastic, double-walled (insulated) drink cups with a snap on lid and a straw that you can get at gas station food-marts to refill. Normally they fit in a car cup holder. Now take that mental image and blow it up about 15 times. Beach Bucky holds at least a gallon. And yes, it has a handle and a lid and a straw. It thinks it is a regular little cup. The other thing Beach Bucky has in common with the other containers is it came from a gas station, too...and the gas station was called Bucky's. So, Bucky is written in bold white letters across it's huge blue belly.

When we lived in Illinois I hated it. But then it was merely Bucky. We moved to Florida, and I was getting rid of items I'm tired of moving. Bucky was in the pile of items slated for charity pickup. Bucky got a reprieve in the 10th hour. As we were getting ready to go to the beach, I was looking for something to carry drinking water. And it hit me. I went into the garage and dug through the boxes and pulled out not plain ole Bucky, but Beach Bucky!! The PERFECT container for drinking water on the beach.

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