Summer Solstice...Day at the Dentist

OK, from the title, you can tell my mood might be down. With the dentist and other things, I feel like the world is out to get me. So I'm not going to write much and bring the world down with me. Instead I'll just post the pictures of the day.

Not from today, but 2 days ago...a view from the restaurant window

Dock a few blocks from the dentist office

Another view from the dock...

Well, we finally moved on from the dentist. Only to return another day. sigh. Drew decided that the beach would cheer me up. I enjoyed the day, but even the beach couldn't bring me out of the funk.

Boardwalk to the beach

Flowers by the boardwalk

Beach bucket lineup

Of course, the ocean...

She came out of nowhere

I saw 3 new turtle nests from last visit to the beach

And that was the day. Some days are oddly good with an undertone of bleh. I felt the bleh part today.


*bermuda bride* Friday, June 29, 2007  

Love love LOVE the bucket pics!!

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