54th Annual Christmas Parade

December 6, 2008 was the 54th Annual Christmas Parade in St. Augustine. It was our first time and I was amazed. Amazed at the number of people viewing the parade and amazed at the size of the parade. Simply WOW. Here are some pictures from the parade.

pink flower hat
This lady with the lovely hat sat across the street from us.

After I tired of taking pictures of her and that lovely hat, all of a sudden there was a commotion from up the street.

54th Annual Christmas Parade ~ 010
Runners started the parade...

54th Annual Christmas Parade ~ 014
...they were happy to run.

Horse finery
There were holiday horses...

54th Annual Christmas Parade ~ 005
...with fanciness everywhere.

candy cane socks
Then I saw these walking. I had to snap.

54th Annual Christmas Parade ~ 100
Boy Scouts marching...

54th Annual Christmas Parade ~ 101
...and looking around.

54th Annual Christmas Parade ~ 107
I think every girl in St. Augustine...

54th Annual Christmas Parade ~ 122
...is required to twirl a baton.

These are the faces of the parade...

yellow top hat
Funky yellow hat

big smile
I saw her in another parade

You can't keep a pirate out of a parade in St. Auggie

Dapper Brit Soldier (?)

plaid hat
Cocky young men

gold earring
Sweet little girls...

...lots of sweet little girls.

beaded mask
Mysterious women.

red braid
More little girls.

pearls in hair
Sweet big girls...

adorned in pearls
...of all ages.

US soldier
Handsome soldiers.

wet nose
The star of the parade...

54th Annual Christmas Parade ~ 230
...the Newfoundlands!

Shiny old cars.

Santa was the grand finale.

Then we went to St. George Street, where the festivities continued. On the way I finally got a shot of this sign I have loved from the moment I first saw it.

Butterfield Garage
Butterfield Garage

While walking on St. George St, we were lucky enough to see a Newfie that was in the parade. The owners had a towel which they constantly used to wipe Storm's face. They said if they didn't, he could very well drown a small child. Here is Storm.



more slobbers
...more slobbers.

Bubble Tea
In this store...

...I saw this...

...and these yummy cookies.

In the Spanish camp area there were all sorts of things to see. Here are just a couple.

scottish socks
Men in fancy socks...

...tuff little boys.

While walking up St. George St, here are a few things I saw...

St George St
All the people.

glass grapes
Glass grapes.

The Whole World Bead Store

He was waving at me :-)

yellow bike
A well loved old bike

After all was said and done, we started home, only to make one last stop at Luli's Cupcakes for some of the tastiest cupcakes that have ever touched my lips. Mine was coconut. OMG.

In the display case.

red glitterery
Luli's was decorated for the holidays.

It was a fun day! I know I keep saying that. But, it really was.


janeywan Tuesday, December 09, 2008  

Your photography just keeps getting better and better!

Abhishek Parab Wednesday, December 10, 2008  

Great pics!
Must have taken a powerful camera and a smart brain to click these natural-looking images!

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