A morning at Mickler's Landing

We finally were able to pull of a beach trip without dumping our water supply early in the game...meaning we stayed longer. It was a hot hot hot day. But the water felt wonderfully cold. The waves knocked me down more than once, much to the amusement of D. He was still laughing as I made my way back to the towel.

I walked down the beach to what I like to call the 'wild' beach. No people.

A little stretch of Heaven
The wild beach

Then you have the people end of the beach...

beach crowd
Beachy people

There were various beach items...

Beach parafanalia
Beach gear

Sand dollar pieces

Beach chairs
Beach chairs

The beach goers...

hat gathering
Happy groups of women

Other photographers

skim boarder boy
Skim boarders

Beach riders

butterfly tatto
Those with tattoos

Eating lunch

Beach Horse
Horses on beach

The kids...

Little boy
Serious business

Playing in the sand


sandcastle girl
Sandcastle girl

little girl in hat
Grandpa has the gear under control

Girl in pink
Pink girl

And finally, the beach hats...

reading in a hat

Horse rider
The horse's lady

Minty green

blue hat
Blue hat reader

man in beach hat
A rare catch...a man in a beach hat

lollypop hat
Green lollypop

hat and no hat
With and without

cowboy and baseball hat
Cowboy and baseball

where's bumble
Where's Bumble? (this is for Nikki)


Margaret Cloud Sunday, August 24, 2008  

I love our beach and try to go in summer as much as possible, you have captured the essence of the beach, the only thing we can't ride bikes on ours, sand too soft, I like to sit in my chair and close my eyes and listen to the sounds around me.

annie Sunday, August 24, 2008  

@Margaret Cloud, well, thank you! I try to get all the things happening as I see it. On some of our beaches, they let cars on. At first I didn't like it, but after a bit, you realize the benefits...don't have to carry all the beach gear.

Like you, I love the sounds of the ocean. Mesmerizing.

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