After Fay

We survived. Actually we were quite lucky. Lots of wind damage and flooding. But today we ventured out. Not far. I had an eye appointment, and we ate at the Olive Garden. Less than exciting all around. But I did get a couple of pics before we scurried back home.

Wine bottles through glass

soft lights
Out of focus...but I love the dreaminess of it

Lizard on White
Lizard on White

The lizard sat on the hood of our truck while I was in TJ Maxx. Kept D occupied while I shopped. I had to take a pic then rescue him before we started the truck. I managed to shuffle him onto a piece of cardboard and then release him on a near by bushy area.


hillgrandmom Wednesday, August 27, 2008  

Glad to know you are ok after Fay. Just saw the news about it last night over here.

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