Just a short trip to the beach

Nothing special about today...just out trying out my brand new Nikon 40! Like D said, we looked put together, but we were a train wreck. Our water jug fell over in the Tahoe on the way to the beach, it was extremely windy and cold (even so, there were swimmers), my suntan lotion ran in my eyes and it looked like I was crying like a baby. It burned! I was pretty much out of it. Guess my zone for this weekend is cooking. I did put on a couple of spreads! I was trying out a new lens filter, and didn't know that I had to turn the lens to get the best angle. Some turned out, others didn't. But, I was such a mess, I didn't care.

I'm trying something different with this batch of photos...I'm using Flickr to post them to this blog. This is sorta like a test. I can't see a way to batch upload a set of photos to blogger from Flickr. Only one at a time...each in a different post. Not what I want. But, never-the-less, these photos are hosted on Flickr and I put the image URL code into the post. I know...too much information. I forgot I'm not on BlogU!

Sea shells
Sea shells


February flowers
February flowers


Stinky Pete
I will sing for you

I am a handsome guy
How did you like my song?

More ocean
Skies of blue

February Atlantic

Walk on the beach
Time to go


annie Sunday, February 10, 2008  

I know, not too cool to comment on your own posts, but I just have to say...I love the larger size of the photos! There, that is all I wanted to comment on.


hillgrandmom Monday, February 11, 2008  

:) on the last comment!
Your beach friend looks very happy. Does he like the sea? What breed is he?
The sea looks warmer this time around. Is it?

hillgrandmom Monday, February 11, 2008  

btw, may I add you in my contacts on flickr? The I could share with you some of the lovely pictures my daughter-in-law takes (Beks)

annie Monday, February 11, 2008  

@hillgrandmom, He loves it there. He was beside himself with excitement. He is a mixed breed we got at a doug pound. I thought at the beginning he had a lot of Jack Russel Terrier in him. Now, because of pictures I have seen, I believe he has a lot of Portuguese Water Dog in him.

No, it's not warmer this time of the year. It was just a sunny day. But it was windy and cold.

Yes, I'd be happy to be added as a contact on Flickr!

karma Monday, February 11, 2008  

I love seeing him singing.. he's such a knucklehead!
Great pics!!!! Woohoo for a new super-de-dooper camera :)

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