The Farmers Market...and another pelican

Went to the Farmers Market this morning. Unusually warm I think...but nice. The market is growing and growing. Love it. Then ran a few errands and I remembered a "Pelican in Paradise" that I have been meaning to photograph. It was on my way, so I stopped there, also.

But, we'll start with our tree. I'm in love with it this year. We finally got a new one. Our last one was over 10 years old! This one is 9' tall, and a little more narrow than our old one. Fuller. This picture was actually the first shot with my new lens I bought. I was testing it last night.

1212_50 1

1212_50 1.4D_004

1212_50 1.4D_003

1212_50 1.4D_008

1212_50 1.4D_009-Edit

1212_50 1.4D_010-Edit

1212_50 1.4D_017

1212_50 1.4D_014

1212_50 1.4D_013

1212_50 1.4D_012

1212_50 1.4D_011

1212_50 1.4D_005

1212_50 1.4D_015-Edit

1212_50 1.4D_023

1212_50 1.4D_022

1212_50 1.4D_020
Dr. Peli-Pain II


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