The Last Hoorah!?

This morning it was really warm and sunny. So we headed to the beach. This is the beach on December 2.

Upon arrival...

There were fishermen...

There were seagulls...

More seagulls...

And seagulls watching me.

There were dogs.

There were swimmers.

There were horses.

There were beach hats.

Upon leaving...quite a bit more people.

This fisherman tickled me...

Why did he tickle me? Well, he had on a gold hooded sweatshirt, royal blue velour pants, multicolor socks and rubber sandals. He stood in the surf fishing. When he returned to the beach, he filled his sweatshirt pocket with bait shrimp and headed back into the surf. Quite a sight!


hillgrandmom Monday, December 03, 2007  

As in last hoorah before winter? Does Florida become much less sunny in winter?

annie Monday, December 03, 2007  

Florida, in general, doesn't become less sunny in winter. That is why so many people winter in Florida. If you come here for the winter from Canada, you will think it is balmy. It is all relative.

Jacksonville is northern Florida, so it will get chilly, but never to the point of a hard freeze. They say they had snow flurries a few year ago...once. I think a light jacket during the day will get me through the winter.

I would say from Orlando down, it stays warm all winter.

So, when I say the last hoorah, it is for the winter. But for me. I won't get in the water when it is cold. I know from past experience,when living in Pensacola FL, that vacationers will get in the water all winter.

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